Resultat Women's Trophy

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Stage One – Fleet Race Qualifying

(a) Skippers will be divided into groups and will race a number of fleet races scored in accordance with RRS Appendix A. No race scores shall be excluded from a boats series score. This stage is not considered a round robin series under A19.1.
(b) The 4 highest placed skippers based on their series score shall proceed to Stage Three.
(c) The remaining skippers shall proceed to Stage Two.

For all Knockout Stages the following will apply:

(a) The higher placed skipper from Stage One in each match will be assigned the leeward entry for the first match.
(b) The skipper assigned the leeward entry in each match may be given the choice of boat pair, unless the boats are assigned by the OA.

Round Robin

Stage Two – Round Robin

(a) All teams race each other in one match race. A win gives 1 point and the team with the most points win the Round Robins Series.


Stage Three – Semi Final Knockout

(a) The highest placed skipper from Stage One shall choose their opponent, the remaining two shall sail each other.
(b) The first two skippers to score at least 3 points shall proceed to Stage Five, the others to Stage Four.

Petit Final

Stage Four – Third/Fourth Place Knockout

(a) The first skipper to score at least 2 points shall be awarded third place, the other fourth place.


Stage Five – Final Knockout

(a) The first skipper to score at least 3 points shall be the winner, the other shall be awarded second place.