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Marcus Edegran

Nationality: United States of America

Team members

Marcus Edegran (skipper)

Marcus Hoglander (float)

Mustafa Ingham (trimmer)

Pat Vos

About the team

25 year old, Swedish-American Markus Edegran returns to Marstrand for his second year on the Tour. Markus and his team joined the World Match Racing Tour in 2017 and qualified for the World Championship their first year on the tour. Markus has been seen at the top of the podium at WMRT qualifier events in St. Petersburg, Russia and Newport, USA. With a high-performance background including experience from the 2017 Youth America’s Cup and another successful year on the tour in 2018, Markus returns for his second World Championship hoping to break through to the top of the leaderboard.

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